Six is a simple but good sounding synth.
It has all the routings from the dx7 synthesizer and also some rootings from different fm synths.
The power of the synth is that it has 8 stage envelops.
Theres a random option so you can make easier presets
A fine reset button because fine tune can be very ugly.Not always
Every operator has a -6 to 3 octave knob
also fine tune and PW
The envelops of the operators have also a level and time knob.The time knob makes it much easyer to work with the envelops
the filter has the same 8 stage envelope with time and level
The filter types are low 12/low 24/low/36/hipass/moog 4/moog 8
Theres an extra PMD knob and of course a feedback knob
The effects are a chorus a phaser and a stereo delay
this synth comes with a full bank of 128 presets

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