Noisie is a simple 3 oscillator synth.All 3 oscillators have a shaper and a clipper.These are distortion effects.You can distort the oscillators so much that it becomes almost a Noise .Thats why it`s called Noisie
Theres a simple Modulation oscillator that can modulate the 3 oscillators with FM/PM and PW.But also for the cutoff/AM and ringmodulation.
It has 2 Filters with envelopes and there own BPM lfo.Before the filter is an other shaper (p.shape)
If you want even more noise just use the Noise /Sub oscillator.Thers a pitch envelope i use for kick/bass mix sounds.
Noisie has also a some effects like a chorus/phaser/delay/distortion and a gater + of course 128 presets!!

There are 2 versions of this synth a 3 note poly and one 6 poly.
SO if you have a old PC just use the 3 poly.It uses much less cpu

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