MM SY 59 Vectorizor Synth


MM SY 59 VECTORIZOR Synth is a VST instrument. 2 oscillators with selectable waveforms and morphable variations ( x/y control ), 2 filters with morphing capabilities, ringmodulation, warping and distortion and autopan per oscillator. 4 syncable stepsequencers with slew and velocity control are used to modulate amp, filter1, filter 2, ringmodulation and warp.
The sound of this synth is determined by the 4 sequencers and 4 x/y controls, which can drastically alter the sound of the oscillators. As all sequencers sync to host, the MM SY 59 VECTORIZOR is best suited for rhythmic drones, moving pads and machine noises of all kinds. As the sequencers are all independent from each other, polyrhythmic sounds and technoid loops can be build very easy. MM SY 59 VECTORIZOR Synth is monophonic and no internal fx are included.

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