MM SY 52 Psycho Synth


MM SY 52 PSYCHO Synth is a VST instrument.
2 oscillators with selectable waveforms + 1 suboscillator, 1 filtersection with selectable characteristics, 1 amp section with distortion and pan.
There are pitch- filter and amp envelopes with velocity control and 3 LFO's with joystick control for easy programming.
This synth is a great source for huge basses and fat leads, but also for very strange fx to analoque-sounding pads and agressive synth sounds.
MM SY 52 PSYCHO synth can sound very powerful and also very thin and ill, depending on the parameters. Everything can be controlled with MIDI CC messages.
This synth is polyphonic (6 voices) and has no internal effects.

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