Dr-Fusion 2


Dr-Fusion 2 is a drum sampler and synth with:
7 instruments with dual samples (kick, 2 snares, 2 percussion, hihat, ride and crash,
2 instruments with dual samples into which the user can load samples,
2 instruments with single sample slots (closed hihats, claps)
2 synths for toms and kicks,
pads (for auditioning), LEDs (for monitoring) and Mute buttons
2 samples can be loaded into many of the instruments for layering (the second sample can be muted), over 560 samples are built in,
each sample-based instrument has a comprehensive set of controls (many can be automated),
tune (1 octave), octaves and volume controls for each sample,
main volume, volume envelope (ADSR), pan,
any one of four FX: Distortion, Filter, Bit Crusher and Clipper, each with their own controls.

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